We have been breeding dogs for about 15 years now. Whippets were not our first choice of breed, but they were the best choice! We take pride in raising balanced, sound, and acclimated puppies. This isn't a job for us, but an honor.


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Chris Whippet Breeder

When you call or email us you will be speaking to Chris located above or Kolya (Coal-yah) located to the immediate left. We are two professional young men that have a passion for animals. When Kolya is not breeding he is working as an Hr specialist, pursuing his master’s degree. Chris works in psychology and is pursuing his PHD. Kolya will be your customer service expert and Chris manages paperwork, legalities and contracts. Before we ever considered breeding, we wanted to make sure our dogs were well-loved and cared for. You will never discover our dogs locked outside in inclement weather conditions. Our home is their home. It's not often you find Whippets in your local area, but when you meet one and grow to learn their personality you will B'Whippd! One can never be enough with these guys! We run a tight ship at our home. We keep a clean and tidy house, and we set rules and boundaries for our furry loved ones. There is a hierarchy between our pack, and order must be implemented. Those of you that go into training will soon learn this. We're more than just rules.....we are soaked to the core with love. Plenty of snuggle time, treats, walks, dog parks, hikes, you name it, we are doing it. We want to ensure our dogs get the correct home the first time with the right family. Before money, we must remember this is a living breathing soul. We are gregarious, friendly and open-minded individuals. I guarantee your experience will be like no other. This is still a business, and we intend to deliver EXCEPTIONAL service. Please go to the homepage or give us a call 888-428-7180.

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