WE DO NOT GUARANTEE COAT COLOR WE ONLY GIVE GUIDANCE. Whippet Coat colors can come in many different shades and variations. I searched for many different examples and here Is one of the best and most clear that I can find. Please click the learn more button. Also, note that the color of your puppies can change as they grow and since the colors are a prediction we have provided a source so you can compare and look and try to come with your own hypothesis as well. Please note that color listings are not always a definite and may change over time. The example page provided are coat colors of greyhounds but the coats are pretty much exact in interpretation. 

We want to make sure that you are set up for success. We could tell you our stories of our whippets but we think providing you a video of the breed characteristics, pros, and cons, will give you a visual and auditory chance to learn more about this breed. If in doubt feel free to ask questions.

We would love to offer you the opportunity to take a sneak peak of our live video footage. You will be able to peak in on mom and the babies from time to time. If the camera is not on we may be performing maintenance, working with mom and pups and or off due to non-puppy season 

Rah & Zada

Rah & Azura

A few things to take note of the puppy den.  When we are home mom can leave and come to us for a break and alone time. The Whelping area has cedar chips to deter pests. You may also see her fluff up the area from time to time. They can be particular with their bedding! Cameras may be offline due to extreme weather in area (connection Issue) Or we are cleaning and working with mom and babies. Rest assure We will be online again soon. If cameras are off we no longer have a active liter on the ground. 

Puppy Outside Cam

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Please note that after 250.00 dollars non-refundable deposit has been made an additional 300.00 must be paid at 5 weeks of puppy age. The remaining balance will be due 7 days prior to shipping to allow funds to clear. Deposit plus 300.00 is transferable to another puppy if needed. However, if customer backs out of the puppy completely those funds remain. Please take your time and choose wisely. This is family, not just an animal!


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they always go fast!

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