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What  we  feed our dogs

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Here at BWHIPPD, we feed our dogs only top of the line. Now, there are many choices, so choose what you think is best. However, if you need a guideline, let us share our ideas. Most of us will try to choose the most cost-effective food. It may seem you are saving money, but you aren't. The dog will need to eat more of the food to get the total amount of nutrients that he or she needs. Be sure to look at the back of all your dog's foods, and make sure the first ingredients are meats and not fillers. The food may cost you more, but they will eat less. Kirkland's Nature Domain provides proper vitamins and nutrients that dogs require year round. Our whippets experienced a blowout seasonally in their coats, while the shedding is minimal. A good diet helps. We feed our pregnant bitches and puppies Kirkland's with a mixture of raw diet. The food is so rich and jam-packed. It's for every life stage! 

Our care regimen

  • Tooth brushing (Monthly)

  • Plaque removal (2x yearly)

  • Nail Dremmel/Clipped (Bi-weekly)

  • Brushed (frequently)

  • Short coat defurminator

  • Oxymama for pregnant

  • Baths Washing & Conditioning (Monthly)

  • Deworming

  • Vaccines

  • Natural Dog bones & Treats

  • Flea Protection


Pregnancy Power Brownies

How we wash our Dogs

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