Mohan is our White fawn brindle boy and he is just a delight! He is what we call our jock...Most of the time you can catch him running around and getting his exercise to keep his muscles in tip top shape. If he'snot running then he's on your lap looking for rubs and kisses before nap time. He is clever, quick, and always thinking.


Just ah Doggy Day

This girl is too cool for school. She truly has more of a feline personality. She comes to you for nap time, a nice bath and rub down and then when she's tired she is off to her bed. She is slow and stealthy, you may not think she is watching but I guarantee you she has her eye on the prize! She Is sure to make Beautiful Babies

Zara (Za-dah)




This young lady Is one of my favorites. We take naps all day long together. When it's time to sleep she always stands at the cage wondering when you are going to offer her the bed instead of the kennel lol. Most of the time she is laid back and quiet. When it's playtime she's up for any challenge. And if there is any rodent around she is sure to catch it for you! She requires you to speak to her with respect or she will mull your request over lol. She's not too keen on obeying strangers but she and I have a secret bond that many can't understand.


Azura has been in our home and breeding program since she was born. This young lady is a work of art. She came from a singleton litter and had to learn the ropes around the home very fast. She is clever on her toes and VERY vocal about what she needs. She sounds the alarm for potty time for the whole pack as well as dinner. She uses the door on the back door for bathroom breaks and was only shown the procedure once! She is full of energy and love but also protective over what she holds dear. She never backs down from a challenge and loves to play with her sister from another mister Zara.





Rah is such a unique young man. His coat is so beautiful and he has such a beautiful soul to match. He is the lover of the boys and love enjoys relaxing most of the day. However, when let loose outside, he guards the perimeter. This is our alarm system, and he has no issues letting you know the presence of an unusual guest. One of his best friends is Saga. They remind you of a seasoned married couple. Bickering and yapping all day between one another. But when the day comes to an end they both love on one another. 



Saga is built like a mac truck. We think she has a stunning body, and boy does she work for it! You can find her outside doing her daily 5k run to make sure she stays in tip-top shape. This young lady gives the boys a run for her money. She has pair-bonded with Rah, and the two are inseparable. Her coat is unique, and it is not often that you find solid, or full white whippets. She has been a blessing to have as an addition to our family. We are excited to see her awesome personality bring joy to babies and families in the Bwhippd Community.


Tajwaa (Taj-wah)

Tajwaa, or as we like to call her, Taj, is a queen in all her birthright. This little one came into the family demanding to be at the front of the pack. There is usually a pecking order, as most canine families, but this princess is in a fast pace class to take the thrown. Her name means king/crowned. She truly lives up to the meaning of her name and her lineage. She is soft at heart but commands a room.  Great things are sure to come from this one!

Tajwaa (Taj-wah)

Bwhippd whippets photos by: https://www.enviphotography.com/