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Our family is absolutely THRILLED with our newest fur-baby from Bwhippd. I was initially drawn to them because I loved the opportunity to “check in” on our puppy 24/7 via the Nest cam on their website. Chris and Kolya were incredibly responsive and are chock-full of whippet knowledge. You can tell that they really LOVE their dogs – they run a “tight ship” and as a result are producing some pups who are secure and loving. It was such a relief to find out about their “special delivery” program, and having our fur-baby delivered to us was a wonderful experience

The McKibbin Family/South Carolina

Karen & Tim McGuigan

Persnickety, December 16th, 2016

Our experience with Bwhippd was nothing short of amazing!!  Chris and Kolya were wonderful and attentive to our every question, sharing information whenever available.  The webcam that they have in the pen is fantastic!  I found myself checking it every time I had a second to spare.  My husband and I would watch the streaming for hours at night, smiling and giggling at the adorable puppies.  Honestly, we would have loved to bring them all home and have one big Whippet family.  Chris and Koyla were both extremely responsive and kept us up to date as our new little one grew and was ready to come to her new home.  The end result was a glorious meeting at the airport to pick up our new baby!  And she is beautiful!!!  My husband and I feel like we have made a lifelong connection with these two gentlemen and will continue to grow the relationship.  Since having introduced Persnickety to our family, she has warmed everyone’s heart that she comes in contact with.  Including our 8 year old Whippet, Nico.  I attribute her well-adjusted behavior to the warm and loving environment that she came from.  We cannot say enough how much we valued the experience and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, amazing, smart and loving addition to their family utilize Bwhippd!!



Karen and Tim McGuigan/Orlando Florida

B’Whippd is awesome!  We are enjoying Khaleesi, our new addition to the family more than I can put into words.  She is a super happy, energetic, and healthy girl.  I have not had much experience with breeders so I didn’t know what to expect.   Chris and Kolya are on top of things!  They were very responsive, professional, and knowledgeable of the Whippet breed.  We were able to visit and meet the puppies along with the parents prior to making a decision.  Loved that we could see updated pictures and the live camera feed on the website whenever we wanted.  I think this made us feel more involved in the whole process being able to see the puppies grow and interact.  Their Facebook page continues to be a resource where we can ask them questions, see the other siblings, share pics, and experiences.  I would highly recommend B’Whippd, it’s obvious they care about the well-being of the puppies/parents and want them to be healthy and happy.  Thank you Chris & Kolya, we love our little Khaleesi!

The Lynch Family ~Texas


Hi, we've got puppy from Bwhippd, puppy was delivered in time and breeders answered all our question. Thank you for our new family member!

Lvova Family ~ California

We are absolutely in love with our Bwhippd puppy! After years of looking for a whippet, we finally found someone that was good with communication, had fair prices, and really cared about the homes the whippets went to. They were great with communication throughout the whole process. Even after we got our puppy, they were quick with responses to all of our questions. I thought it was a great touch that their website had a nest cam that showed what the puppies were up to and that they’ve made a chat group so all the whippet puppy owners could talk with each other and stay connected. Overall, we have nothing but good things to say about Bwhippd and I would definitely recommend them to someone looking for a responsible breeder.

-Rachelle & Nick ~ Sacramento California

I loved working with Bwhippd for so many reasons, but I’ll narrow it down so you’re not reading forever! Chris and Kolya are local to me in Dallas and were able to fit me in after I had a less-than-stellar experience with another breeder. I’m so glad that happened because it lead me to Bwhippd!

Cleanliness and care:
In my first visit, I was really impressed by the clean, organized and well-kept  whelping area. I also loved the chance to meet all the Bwippd dogs and see their temperament and how happy they all seemed in Chris and Kolya’s care. The dogs are all in good health, outgoing and ready to love anyone who visits. It really put my mind at  ease about getting my puppy from them.


Home visits: To help me get to know Jackson more, Chris and Kolya graciously accommodated home visits for me throughout his first 6 weeks. I was able to ask questions and get to know Jax’s personality from visit to visit. It was awesome not to miss out on his growth and bond!Remote Support:Chris and Kolya are super supportive and quick to respond over the phone, text or email. They also have a puppy cam so I could check in on Jax whenever I wanted to online. Lastly, the Facebook group really helps to have another touch point with other Bwippd family members. As a new puppy Mom, this really is reassuring!Chris and Kolya are a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to do so again when I expand my whippet family. They took time to get to know me and make sure I was matched with the best possible dog for my personality. They have been checking in and seeing how we are doing since Jax came home. If you’re looking for a new puppy, trust me - it’s time to Bwhippd!

Rachael Perry ~ Dallas,Texas

Zuko Whippet Puppy
Zuko Whippet Puppy
After losing our whippet very suddenly at only 9 1/2 years old finding another family member to love was no easy task. We searched and walked away from two other breeders that just didn’t feel right. After the initial phone call with bwhippd we immediately felt at ease. One thing that surprised us was how much the nest camera helped our family (my kids included) in our grieving process. Christopher and Kolya were great with all of our questions. They took time to learn about our specific needs and assured us that they were around for the long haul. Bwhippd also facilitates a community based around their Bwhippd FB page. This allows us to keep in contact with littermates that are also on the FB group, problem solve by searching through past posts on the Bwhippd FB group page, and even connect with Chris and Kolya. The ability for Zuko to be brought to us worked extremely well with our family of five and simplified the process immensely. Having brought Zuko home, Chris and Kolya have continued their excellent customer service in our continued discussions over puppy vet visits as well as anything else we can think of. Thanks again, Bwhippd!
Russell & Amelia Durdin Family ~ Louisiana

My family and I have owned dogs my whole life, and it is no doubt that Chris and Kolya are the most kind, professional breeders I have ever worked with. To start, my online inquiry was answered with a phone call less than a half-hour later. They answered all of my questions about handling the puppy and getting the puppy to me (as I live many states away). I was unable to get my puppy right when they were ready to go home, but they were willing to work with me beyond my expectations. The live feed they have set up is an absolutely amazing tool, and I used it frequently to supplement the photos and videos that are consistently updated by Chris and Kolya

online and in the Facebook group. The Facebook group is an incredible resource, as we are able to talk to other people who have purchased puppies from Bwhippd in the past, and Chris and Kolya post updates and answer questions frequently. Chris and Kolya took my many annoying phone calls and texts with happiness and eased me of questions and concerns. Getting my puppy at the airport was ea