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Our family is absolutely THRILLED with our newest fur-baby from Bwhippd. I was initially drawn to them because I loved the opportunity to “check in” on our puppy 24/7 via the Nest cam on their website. Chris and Kolya were incredibly responsive and are chock-full of whippet knowledge. You can tell that they really LOVE their dogs – they run a “tight ship” and as a result are producing some pups who are secure and loving. It was such a relief to find out about their “special delivery” program, and having our fur-baby delivered to us was a wonderful experience

The McKibbin Family/South Carolina

Karen & Tim McGuigan

Persnickety, December 16th, 2016

Our experience with Bwhippd was nothing short of amazing!!  Chris and Kolya were wonderful and attentive to our every question, sharing information whenever available.  The webcam that they have in the pen is fantastic!  I found myself checking it every time I had a second to spare.  My husband and I would watch the streaming for hours at night, smiling and giggling at the adorable puppies.  Honestly, we would have loved to bring them all home and have one big Whippet family.  Chris and Koyla were both extremely responsive and kept us up to date as our new little one grew and was ready to come to her new home.  The end result was a glorious meeting at the airport to pick up our new baby!  And she is beautiful!!!  My husband and I feel like we have made a lifelong connection with these two gentlemen and will continue to grow the relationship.  Since having introduced Persnickety to our family, she has warmed everyone’s heart that she comes in contact with.  Including our 8 year old Whippet, Nico.  I attribute her well-adjusted behavior to the warm and loving environment that she came from.  We cannot say enough how much we valued the experience and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, amazing, smart and loving addition to their family utilize Bwhippd!!



Karen and Tim McGuigan/Orlando Florida

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B’Whippd is awesome!  We are enjoying Khaleesi, our new addition to the family more than I can put into words.  She is a super happy, energetic, and healthy girl.  I have not had much experience with breeders so I didn’t know what to expect.   Chris and Kolya are on top of things!  They were very responsive, professional, and knowledgeable of the Whippet breed.  We were able to visit and meet the puppies along with the parents prior to making a decision.  Loved that we could see updated pictures and the live camera feed on the website whenever we wanted.  I think this made us feel more involved in the whole process being able to see the puppies grow and interact.  Their Facebook page continues to be a resource where we can ask them questions, see the other siblings, share pics, and experiences.  I would highly recommend B’Whippd, it’s obvious they care about the well-being of the puppies/parents and want them to be healthy and happy.  Thank you Chris & Kolya, we love our little Khaleesi!

The Lynch Family ~Texas


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Hi, we've got puppy from Bwhippd, puppy was delivered in time and breeders answered all our question. Thank you for our new family member!

Lvova Family ~ California

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We are absolutely in love with our Bwhippd puppy! After years of looking for a whippet, we finally found someone that was good with communication, had fair prices, and really cared about the homes the whippets went to. They were great with communication throughout the whole process. Even after we got our puppy, they were quick with responses to all of our questions. I thought it was a great touch that their website had a nest cam that showed what the puppies were up to and that they’ve made a chat group so all the whippet puppy owners could talk with each other and stay connected. Overall, we have nothing but good things to say about Bwhippd and I would definitely recommend them to someone looking for a responsible breeder.

-Rachelle & Nick ~ Sacramento California

I loved working with Bwhippd for so many reasons, but I’ll narrow it down so you’re not reading forever! Chris and Kolya are local to me in Dallas and were able to fit me in after I had a less-than-stellar experience with another breeder. I’m so glad that happened because it lead me to Bwhippd!

Cleanliness and care:
In my first visit, I was really impressed by the clean, organized and well-kept  whelping area. I also loved the chance to meet all the Bwippd dogs and see their temperament and how happy they all seemed in Chris and Kolya’s care. The dogs are all in good health, outgoing and ready to love anyone who visits. It really put my mind at  ease about getting my puppy from them.


Home visits: To help me get to know Jackson more, Chris and Kolya graciously accommodated home visits for me throughout his first 6 weeks. I was able to ask questions and get to know Jax’s personality from visit to visit. It was awesome not to miss out on his growth and bond!Remote Support:Chris and Kolya are super supportive and quick to respond over the phone, text or email. They also have a puppy cam so I could check in on Jax whenever I wanted to online. Lastly, the Facebook group really helps to have another touch point with other Bwippd family members. As a new puppy Mom, this really is reassuring!Chris and Kolya are a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to do so again when I expand my whippet family. They took time to get to know me and make sure I was matched with the best possible dog for my personality. They have been checking in and seeing how we are doing since Jax came home. If you’re looking for a new puppy, trust me - it’s time to Bwhippd!

Rachael Perry ~ Dallas,Texas

After losing our whippet very suddenly at only 9 1/2 years old finding another family member to love was no easy task. We searched and walked away from two other breeders that just didn’t feel right. After the initial phone call with bwhippd we immediately felt at ease. One thing that surprised us was how much the nest camera helped our family (my kids included) in our grieving process. Christopher and Kolya were great with all of our questions. They took time to learn about our specific needs and assured us that they were around for the long haul. Bwhippd also facilitates a community based around their Bwhippd FB page. This allows us to keep in contact with littermates that are also on the FB group, problem solve by searching through past posts on the Bwhippd FB group page, and even connect with Chris and Kolya. The ability for Zuko to be brought to us worked extremely well with our family of five and simplified the process immensely. Having brought Zuko home, Chris and Kolya have continued their excellent customer service in our continued discussions over puppy vet visits as well as anything else we can think of. Thanks again, Bwhippd!
Russell & Amelia Durdin Family ~ Louisiana

My family and I have owned dogs my whole life, and it is no doubt that Chris and Kolya are the most kind, professional breeders I have ever worked with. To start, my online inquiry was answered with a phone call less than a half-hour later. They answered all of my questions about handling the puppy and getting the puppy to me (as I live many states away). I was unable to get my puppy right when they were ready to go home, but they were willing to work with me beyond my expectations. The live feed they have set up is an absolutely amazing tool, and I used it frequently to supplement the photos and videos that are consistently updated by Chris and Kolya

online and in the Facebook group. The Facebook group is an incredible resource, as we are able to talk to other people who have purchased puppies from Bwhippd in the past, and Chris and Kolya post updates and answer questions frequently. Chris and Kolya took my many annoying phone calls and texts with happiness and eased me of questions and concerns. Getting my puppy at the airport was easy and the overall experience was pleasant and happy. I have referred all of my friends and I plan to get another whippet in the future, which will undoubtedly be from Bwhippd. I truly cannot say enough kind things about them! 

Kat Courson ~ Ohio soon to move to Dallas Texas (2018)

Myla Childs Family
Myla Childs Family

Whippet Bwhippd

Myla Childs Family
Myla Childs Family

Whippet Bwhippd

Myla Childs Family
Myla Childs Family

Whippet Bwhippd

Myla Childs Family
Myla Childs Family

Whippet Bwhippd


"When it came to adding a new puppy to our family, we did lots of research, and we are so happy we decided to go with Bwhippd! We knew it was a good sign when our email inquiry was answered within the day. Waiting to meet our puppy was tough, but the Nest cameras and Facebook page helped the time go by a little more quickly. 


We received our puppy, Myla in spring 2019. It was wonderful to meet the breeder, Chris, at the airport, and the pickup process was incredibly smooth. Myla is a smart and spunky pup. She is a fast learner, and everyone who meets her falls in love instantly. She is a total sweetheart, and we attribute her personality to her parents and her home during her first few weeks of life. We would highly recommend Bwhippd."

The Childs Family -Chicago- 2019

Nova & Family
Nova & Family
Nova & Family
Nova & Family
Nova & Family
Nova & Family

We are so in love with our new Bwhippd puppy Nova! She has brought so much joy to our family. Our entire experience exceeded all of our expectations. The day I inquired, I received a phone call back immediately and they were able to answer all of my questions, as we are new to the whippet breed. The Nest cameras on the website giving you the ability to watch your sweet pup at all hours of the day was such a gift. Our five year old would get so excited to watch it every night before going to bed. The Facebook page is a great resource for asking questions and sharing photos. We also loved being able to pick up Nova at a nearby airport and meeting the Bwhippd team. We would highly recommend Bwhippd and thank you again for everything! The Conway Family ~ Auburn, AL

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I can't say enough about what a great experience this has been and what an incredible puppy has joined our family. Initially making the decision to select a breeder across the U.S. required a lot of consideration. Not having the ability to get that face to face interaction with the pup, it's parents and the breeder was a 1st for us. After following the FB page, reading all the updates, seeing all the photos and incredible feedback from past clients, I was completely at ease. I knew Bwhippd was the exact breeder I'd been looking for (and I've been looking for several years). The ease of the purchase transaction, the support provided from there to the delivery of Jet made for a flawless experience. Jet is an absolutely incredible pup! He's sweet, smart, healthy and beautiful, a dream come true for my Mother. He's really adjusting well. I will refer anyone who's seriously looking for a Whippet pup to Bwhippd and will keep a look out for future litters as I hope to eventually bring a pup into our home. Thank you so very much!

We are more than ecstatic to have received our whippet pup from Bwhippd! We were looking for a home raised pup, not a kennel raised one and that is exactly what we found in Bwhippd! We were able to see our puppy from the moment he was 24 hours old until he was delivered to us. Bwhippd took" pup photos" for us every two weeks so we could show our friends. We were treated with respect and the efficiency of Bwhippd is more than remarkable. Every promise Bwhippd made was kept and our questions were immediately answered

We loved that they brought our puppy to us and we were able to thank them personally. This company deserves an A-plus for the remarkable way in which they conduct business. It is rare! We are more than satisfied with our sweet puppy AND BWHIPPD. No Regrets! Only the deepest respect for these young men. Penny from Alabama

We LOVED the experience. It was amazing how you continuously gave us updates after the purchase, had a live feed of them 24/7, and even hand-delivered our pup to us. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Brooke Barnett

Whippet Bwhippd

The Bwhippd experience was nothing short of great. From open and easy communication to updates about the mothers during the pregnancy. Once the pups were birthed, there were pictures and health updates until we could take them home at 8 weeks. From the very beginning of reaching out to Bwhippd until the day we took our pup home, they were very professional and friendly. I would recommend Bwhippd to anyone looking for a Whippet

Cris Ray 

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Whippet breeders/litters are rare here in the Great Lake states. I came across Bwhippd's ad of available pups photos, I visited their website, texted an inquiry and was called within 20 minutes by Chris. His thoughtful answers to my questions allowed me to feel comfortable making an on-line purchase. He did not try to sell me a puppy but walked me through the purchase process. Contracts were promptly sent. The live cam allowed me to see the litter's clean and comfortable environment and follow my selected pup's progression. New photos of the pups were provided every two weeks via a Facebook group along with updates of other care provided (vaccines, worming, baths, etc.) and an opportunity to ask questions and see past litters and owners. My pup, Marvin, was hand-delivered to me at a convenient nearby airport by Henry. Marvin is a healthy, balanced, bright and entertaining companion. My granddaughters adore him and we all think he is the most handsome lad ever. I took a leap of faith and came out blessed. I would do it all again.
Marcia Hartwell
Whippet Bwhippd
Bwhippd was such a pleasure to deal with from the first point of contact. The guys were always very quick to respond and extremely personable. I have never worked with a breeder for a pup and they made me feel very comfortable with every annoying question that I had! The puppy camera was my absolute favorite. Getting to watch my little one grow until it was time to take her home was awesome. Anytime someone compliments my pretty girl, I refer them to Bwhippd so they get their own new pup! Thank you so much guys! 
Kelly Paniagua

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My husband and I waited "patiently" at the airport for our precious little whippet puppy, Ruckus. Bwhippd hand-delivered our new baby then promptly took off to deliver a couple more puppies to their new parents. Bwhippd was wonderful! Our plans for Ruckus include a future playing flyball and disc with his new brother and sisters, but that is way in the future. Ruckus had a very big job ahead of him, he had to meet and win over a whole established "pack" at his new home. This proved to be simple for Ruckus as he has caused every dog and person he has met to fall in love with him! Our vet was particularly impressed with how well socialized and confident Ruckus is. She commented on how dedicated his breeders must be to produce such a happy, self-assured little puppy! Ruckus is even working hard on his own housebreaking! The wonderful surprise that has come out of Ruckus joining our family is the incredible relationship that is developing between him and my 14-month-old granddaughter, Darby. I have Darby two days a week. Ruckus has claimed Darby as his own baby and Darby has claimed Ruckus as her BFF. The love story between these two is going to be a joy to experience. I could not be more overjoyed with the service, dedication, and warmth from the wonderful group of people who are the breeders Bwhippd. I am truly blessed to have become a Bwhppd family member!
Deede Pecora
Whippet Bwhippd

  Our pup is going on five months now and he has been a complete joy. His temperament and physical traits are exceptional. The guys at Bwhipped were first class, making the purchasing process simple. Excellent communication and quick to respond to ANY questions or concerns. We opted to have our pup hand-delivered to Corpus Christi. Again, professional service, excellent communication during delivery. I HIGHLY recommend Bwhipped...A+, 5 outta 5 stars. THANK YOU!

David Phillips 

Whippet puppy
Whippet puppy

My name is Kyle. I haven't had a full bread puppy ever. I've wanted a
Whippet for years. Fell in love with the breed. My friends, family,
and friends of family advised against the "breeder" stigma. I ignored
them and for once I was right. My little sister, who only does
rescues, was eager to follow the entire process of BWIPPD to try and
find a certain shortcoming along the way of my decision to try and
expose "breeders". She found the opposite. Soon 

after reserving my
Whippet through BWIPPD my entire family was involved. But instead of
doing recording and shaming of the process, they were more interested
in the puppy I could be acquiring. I wanted a female and knew my
litter would be a few months out, but that didn't mean i couldn't
watch a few whippet puppies during my wait! Then the unexpected
happened and I was given the opportunity to have one from the previous
litter. I accepted immediately. Soon I had other people asking me for
a link to watch the puppies!?!?! Work comments of coworker's wives
asking if I saw what "your dog" did the other day. The whole thing was
surreal. (I actually had coworkers wives, post pick up, asking why
they hadn't seen the puppy in a few days)I'm not one to exaggerate. This experience was one of the best I've
ever had. The owners were quick, thorough, efficient, and
accommodating. Having a live stream of your puppy is more addicting
than social media and BWIPPD's livestream is live 24 hours/day in HD.
You're able to see how they treat the puppies/mom/dad in real time
with a ~3 second delay. The amount of transparency they show is

Scheduling pick up was easy. I was "local" so I was able to pick up my
puppy where they are located without using airports. They were
gracious enough to invite me into their home, which isn't something I
requested or expected. They welcomed me and my sister into my home and
introduced me to my puppy for the first time. (Yep, that's the pic).

BWIPPD wore a mask, and did not offer to shake hands, etc. which I was
extremely grateful and respect because others often don't in these odd

BWIPPD informed me that my puppy had experienced a minor injury prior
to pickup. We did not notice anything while she was in the vehicle on
the way home, but when she wasn't chasing something, she appeared to
be limping ever so slightly.

I acknowledged the injury, said we would have the Vet look at it, and
get back with them. (I was just excited to finally have this bundle of
joy/ball of Hades in my care). BWHIPPD unexpectedly sent me funds
because she had an injury. This was not discussed/asked for/or
required, it was because they worried about the well being of the
puppy. They were 5/5 stars already, they beame 6 stars after this.

The vet and BWIPPD both had the same advice to which I will follow to a T.

If my puppy does not require an X-Ray or any treatment, I plan on
either giving the funds back to BWHIPPD or donating it to the charity
of their choice for their kindness.

If anyone reading this would like to reach out to me and ask a
question, I will offer the honest and full truth. I'm not being
compensated, paid, or bought. These are my opinions and I will back
them up with my experiences with BWHIPPD.

Just to add, when they get to you, the puppy is basically half potty
trained.....which is just insane. lol

Both pictures are included to ensure I'm not fake. :)

We brought Nova home a few weeks ago, and she instantly made herself at home. She has brought so much love and joy along everywhere we go, and people cannot get enough of her. We are constantly stopped and asked about her, and people are always in awe when they see her. The wait was well worth it, and I’m sure a second whippet will be on the horizon. Thanks Bwhippd for the A+ customer experience and transparency throughout the whole process. As I write this, Nova has found a place on my lap and is catching her afternoon nap.

The Murphy Family 2021

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Getting Wylie from Bwhippd was a wonderful process. I was thoroughly addicted to the puppy cam once we had him picked out. It was super helpful they started crate training him because the 2nd night home he hardly whined at all. Wylie is such a great addition to our family. It’s hard to believe it’s only been 2 weeks! Thank you again!

Schuckenbrock Family

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  This is my family’s second BWhippd puppy! We are absolutely in love! There are so many great things about getting a puppy from BWhippd. You are able to check up on your pup any time of the day thanks to their livestream, socialization, potty training, and crate training. I also had my puppy flown to me across the country and my pup was treated with so much care. She flew WITH one of the breeders. To show how much they care about these pups, they also have a community of other BWhippd families on Facebook to keep you constantly updated. I can’t say enough positive things about these breeders. Both pups are great and I appreciate all the hard work you all do before they come home!

Barnett Family 

Jack Jennings
Jack Jennings

Jack Jennings
Jack Jennings

Jack Jennings
Jack Jennings

Jack Jennings
Jack Jennings

We are so glad that we found Bwhippd and our newest family member! Bwhippd was always prompt with communication, as soon as I contacted them about getting a puppy they called me within a few hours. These home raised puppies are truly cared for by Chris and Kolya, who take the time to answer questions and give you any information you may need. I was also impressed by their livestream, where I could see my puppy from when she was first born. You can tell that Chris and Kolya put in a ton of work with these puppies, as they begin crate training early as well as getting them used to using the bathroom outside. This is an invaluable resource, as our puppy was beyond our expectations with crate-training and house training. I could not have asked for a better experience than I have had with Bwhippd. Their community on Facebook is also a supportive, fun place to look at past questions and answers as well as family photos! Choose Bwhippd!

Jack Jennings & Destiny Andrews