$350 and we will Ship to you!

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How does travel work you ask?

 We aim to provide a new experience to the puppy purchasing process, one like no other. There are some stipulations, If we can not fly into your exact city we will fly to the closest available. Because travel and airplanes are subject to weather conditions we will work a window of delivery out, please understand that this can change due to travel circumstances. If this does occur we will stay in close contact so you will know when to show up at the airport. Please also be aware as our company grows we may not have the option to fly to you directly. If that is the case we will place your puppy on the plane via cargo, you will meet your puppy at the airport for pickup. In some situations, this is a must if you live in a small area and travel is more complicated. When we arrive we will deliver your puppy and you will be able to ask us questions if you like and get to shake hands with the ones who helped raise your puppy! If you are in a rush that's ok, Join our Facebook group and send us a message at any time. INTERNATIONAL- Due to the various locations please contact us and we will have to physically check rates and regulations to see if shipping is an option. (Dallas Texas Is home for Us)

Accepted payment Options...

Invoice Will be sent that you can use any major credit and or debit card to pay.

No puppy will be released until he or she is fully paid for. If the final payment of puppy is to be made upon pick up then it must be done with cash. Receipts will ALWAYS be furnished.